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Retain Talent

Our initiatives give new hires the chance to drive change within your organisation. It’s great for both of you – they integrate more quickly, while you stand a better chance of retaining their talent.

Through using Connectr, Thales saw a 67% reduction in reneges in 2019, compared to 2018. With the structured and consistent on-boarding experience that Connectr provided, they were able to retain over half of their new talent!

Infographic on renege rates


Connectr, our employee experience platform, allows employees to become digital mentors. They’ll share their experiences with the next round of applicants, supporting them during the process and being on-hand to help once they join your business.

Mentoring can be counted as a volunteer activity, and can also feature in an employee’s learning and development plan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our volunteering and young person engagement programmes fit seamlessly into your company’s all-important CSR strategy. In addition, we can bring the results of your project to life with a bespoke report highlighting the key data and case studies.

"It has been a pleasure working with MyKindaFuture – they always manage to help put on an amazing event for the young people we work with."

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