Helping Cisco inspire young people toward a career in tech

The Challenge

Cisco wanted to build on their pre-existing work experience programme to inspire and engage young people earlier on to pursue a career within the technology sector. Cisco’s existing work experience programme engaged 14-18 years olds, but the new Pathways Programme aimed to engage 11-14 year olds.

The future will see a greater demand for tech skills, and employers are placing more demand on the soft skills they seek in future talent. Therefore, the Pathways Programme offers work experience, insight days, workshops and STEM lesson plans. These aim to encourage students to explore their future career prospects within the tech industry earlier on in their education.

Why did Cisco want to work with MKF?

To engage with young people earlier on in their career journeys, by providing educators with resources to share with students. Particularly, they wanted to utilise MKF’s schools network of over 2,000 educators to distribute STEM teaching resources and set up school partnerships to deliver all aspects of Pathways.

The Outcome

Cisco aimed to see 2,000 downloads of their STEM resources, and MKF exceeded this target, with 3,740 teaching resources downloaded.

In total, over 750 students aged 11-14 years were engaged in the Pathways Programme. The partnerships with schools enabled knowledge sharing between employer and educator, with key insights driving a high-quality relationship between Cisco’s partner schools.

Long-term benefits

Through utilising MyKindaFuture’s schools network, Cisco were able to form long-term relationships with nine partner schools. As a result, the Pathways Programme was able to ‘join up’ with the Pathways To Your Future programme. This enabled extended, multiple touch-points with students across their education.


  • 89% of students agreed they had learned a new skill at a workshop
  • 95% agreed the events had provided useful information that will elevate them to take their next career steps
  • 72% agreed these events inspired them to pursue a career in the technology industry

With 72% of children saying the Pathways Programme inspired them to pursue a career in technology, we can clearly see the objective of the programme was achieved.