How a Virtual Assessment Centre Delivered

Looking to address a lack of diversity and an ageing workforce, Clarion tasked us with hiring two apprentices to join their development team on a degree-level chartered surveyor apprenticeship.

The Strategy

To attract candidates, we reached out to all schools with a sixth-form within a 45 minute journey of Clarion’s offices in Croydon, specifying a minimum of 96 UCAS points for those who wanted to apply.

Clarion had almost 500 applications. We asked those showing real promise to submit a personal statement, and subsequently invited a number of applicants to a virtual assessment centre. To support those in digital poverty, we offered to pay their electricity and Wi-Fi costs. While we received some applications from candidates too old to be eligible (the scheme was only open to those who had left school within the last two years), we called each one to let them know their applications had been impressive despite their lack of eligibility.


Following the assessment centre, Clarion were so impressed with the quality of the candidates that they chose to hire three apprentices, rather than their initial target of two. Two of the chosen candidates were from BAME backgrounds, and one was female.

“Even if they aren’t successful, we hope we leave these applicants feeling empowered to move on to their next role with a little more insight into what it is companies are looking for.”