What is The Code?

Dentsu and MyKindaFuture run The Code, a school engagement programme inspiring students from ages 14-18 to pursue a career in advertising. The programme aims to open up the industry, so the people who make adverts reflect the people who consume adverts.

The Challenge

A large portion of The Code’s engagement is face-to-face activity in schools. In the wake of C-19 we faced the unprecedented challenge of stopping all face-to-face engagement overnight. Therefore, we’ve needed to be flexible, responsive and creative to ensure we continue to support students and teachers.

The effects of C-19 have made programmes like The Code even more invaluable. Certainly, this cohort of students will go through so much uncertainty and have many of their planned careers activities cancelled.

The Solution

We responded to this challenge by keeping our bigger goal in mind and just flexing how we get there. How can we engage future talent and inspire them about a career in the sector?

We’ve re-launched Rise Up, The Code’s online challenge. It provides teachers and students with activity they can do from home. To support students’ learning, Dentsu are creating rich video content to sit alongside the challenge, and offering digital mentoring with staff through Connectr.

On top of this, MKF and Dentsu are also exploring additional engagement to replicate face-to-face activity in school. Most importantly, we’re taking the steer from teachers and students on what works best for them.