The Challenge 

National Grid wanted to encourage innovation in engineering, and give back to the areas in South London affected by their tunnelling works. They want to attract and secure a diverse talent pipeline from those areas, and encourage young people into STEM subjects.

The Solution

MKF and National Grid took a collaborative approach to designing a programme that could deliver to large volumes of young people over a long period of time, to maximise depth and breadth of engagement.

We designed an ambitious five-year programme that will reach over 100,000 diverse and underrepresented young people across South London. Consequently, it will combine both face to face and digital engagement, whilst utilising the National Grid volunteer engagement. The activities include an annual online challenge, STEM workshops, ‘Assembly takeovers’ and more. As a result, the programme will help to inspire the next generation and fill the 400,000 jobs which are key to the energy industry meetings its net zero targets by 2050.

Phil Billington of National Grid with pupils from Sacred Heart School participating in a project at S.E. London, London Power Tunnels STEM and careers outreach programme, 9th March, 2020.
Photos for National Grid by John Robertson.

The Result

The full programme has yet to commence but our initial results from the pilot saw:

  • 103 attendees across 2 schools (62% from BAME backgrounds, 45% female)
  • 67% of attendees are now interested in pursuing a career in the energy sector
  • 85% attendees felt clearer about their future options
  • 96% attendees feel more informed about the energy sector
  • 94% of attendees found the facilitators engaging

“We want to empower pupils to pursue STEM subjects at schools and universities and MyKindaFuture is the perfect partner to help us achieve this. The project is not only essential to provide a pipeline of talent for our business but will also improve the career prospects of thousands of young people from some of London’s most disadvantaged areas.”

Gareth Burden, Project Director at National Grid.