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MyKindaFuture are an award-winning HR tech company specialising in helping underrepresented talent get into work, excel and feel like they belong there.

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Connectr for Mentoring revolutionises the way you manage your mentoring programmes

We understand matching individuals manually and collating user experience surveys isn’t how anyone wants to spend their time. With our automated matching algorithm and sophisticated reporting dashboard you will have a scalable solution, with trackable impact at the touch of a button.

Supporting diverse talent from all backgrounds across their entire career journey

Our talent experts help our employer partners to attract, engage and onboard their candidates, whilst retaining and developing their employees.

Nurture new talent with Connectr

Nurture your future and existing talent with Connectr’ and then the subtext: ‘Connectr inspires and supports candidates and employees through bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.
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Matching Algorithm

Our matching algorithm uses data provided by users including their aims, experiences and personality traits to accurately recommend mentor matches that can provide the most bespoke support.​ Mentees are put in the driving seat to own their development. They use our recommendations and filtering system.

Resource Hub

Our resource hub provides a space for pre-built or custom-made content to inform mentees and mentors on all aspects of a mentoring relationship.​ Choose from our bank of content created by industry and mentoring experts, or we can support you in shaping your own content into Connectr’s interactive learning style.


Our live reporting dashboard gives you instant access to the data that is crucial in tracking both the scale and impact of your programmes.​​ Connectr’s reporting allow you to understand user sentiment, engagement rates, goal attainment as a whole, and at an individual level – all without looking at a single spreadsheet.

End-to-end support

Our talent experts help our employer partners attract, engage, retain and onboard their candidates, and retain their employees.


Connectr instils a crucial sense of belonging in candidates and employees at each part of their journey.

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